XCD 135 Review by Kamal Mishra

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A Good Bike:

What makes me eligible for writing a review on this bike is that, my bro owns one. After riding this bike several times, I have been thinking for quite some time to write a review on this sleek machine.

XCD 135Let me start this review with a small trip story. I went with my bro and few of our friends to a trip to Hognekalal (348 kms overall to and fro from our place). We stopped at 4 places in between the journey. Me and bro changed our bikes at these stops. We both were with pillions. Now whenever I rode this bike after my 154 kg Avenger, I felt like riding the winds, as if I will fly with next twist of my right hand. This was not a very comfortable feeling for me on highway, when i am habitual of cruising at speeds of more than 85 kmph. But,after every kilometer passing i started liking it, because it easily marched at speeds of 80-85 for kilometers of distance. Ride was good and engine was behaving very well for its size (135 cc). As soon as we approached the city, the bike now started showing its advantage. Flickability and fast speed built up, being just 116 kgs made it the winner of the lot. On highway it was trying to match bigger Avenger, Pulsars but in city traffic every other bike rider was trying to match it.

This bike look smart in Black with green stripes. The headlight design is special and is different from other Bajaj bikes. The overall looks of the bike are sporty. All the digital bits on this bike looks dashing and fuel tank cap is also better looking. The rear tyre is wider, which provides better grip and aesthetics.

Electricals are standard and modern looking. The headlight is good but not as powerful as my Avenger. The blinkers and tail lamps are very nice. One thing is sure that if compared to bikes in the same category the digital goodies provide this bike a certain edge over others. The riding position has been made higher for better flickability on city roads. The handling is so comfortable through city that you just don’t feel any stress on yourself. It is just zoom-zaam-go!!

But the seat height can pose problem for shorter people . Bajaj could have done with lesser seat height. The handlebar position is good and ergonomically proper for comfortable city commuting and as well as for some sporty intent. The weight is very less so it flicks really fast and can do 0 to 60 within 6 sec. But On highways this less weight feel is not that comfortable. Though i might be mentally comparing with avenger, which is unjust.

But i could take it to speedo indicated 103 kmph on highway ride. Vibrations are very less and appear only after 75-80,far better than HH and Honda’s same category bikes. The power distribution is even across all the gears and bike doesn’t feel underpowered like other competitor’s bikers.

Fuel efficiency is just too good for 135 CC bike. City conditions-60-65 kmpl, Highways -70-75 kmpl. Bajaj has put the same kind of starter as on other bikes .Hence it is very reliable. The vehicle has a nice quiet sound.

The gear box is still comparable to Pulsar kind of gearboxes. Not too problematic, but not the best also. Though bajaj has improved them on higher end Avenger and Pulsars. Brakes are very effective, especially the front disc brake for this range of bikes. The nitrox gas shock absorbers have given the bike a good ride quality, though little on stiffer side, again to give bike a better handling and cornering abilities.

Overall great value for money bike, with good pick up, handling, looks and reasonably good top speed. Though i can’t recommend it for out and out highway driving, but still it is decent in that also. The sales figures for last three months have already shown its acceptance in the market. It is most successful model from Bajaj after Pulsar twins. But i still think it deserves better sales being outstanding as far as its competition is concerned.

-- Kamal Mishra


  • Anonymous said:  

    i have this bike too......i agree with this review.

  • Arun said:  

    good review

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  • Abdul Gafoor said:  

    i too have this bike. and i like a lot. pretty sad that its out of production now. i've been facing problems with the exhaust pipe. i've had to change it once, and looks like i've got to change it again. the bajaj dealer said it is because of overspeeding (i ride at 80+ kph, touched upto 114kph), the core of the pipe cracks.
    anyone with the same bike, facing similar problems?

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