XCD 135 DTS-Si gets Nitrox Shock Absorbers

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Nitrox shock absorber on the XCD 135

The rear shock absorbers on current Bajaj Pulsar bikes are also popularly known as NITROX shock absorbers. These types of shock absorbers are actually generically known as ‘Gas Filled Shock Absorbers’.

The visual differentiator between a conventional shock absorber and a gas filled shock absorber is a small canister (box) which is attached on one side of it. This canister holds a small amount of Nitrogen gas in it.

The 'Royal Enfield Electra' was the first bike in India to have this feature. The Pulsar 150/180 UG II (2’nd upgrade) then became the second model (and the first in the 150 cc and above category) to make this feature available on Indian bikes. A few other Indian bike makers have followed it as well and put this kind of shock absorbers on their 150 cc or above bikes, and giving different marketing names.

The XCD 135 DTS-Si becomes the second bike in the sub 150 cc category (after the Bajaj Discover 135 DTS-i) to sport Gas Filled Shock absorbers at its rear suspension.

Advantage of NITROX shock absorbers

Hydraulic shock absorbers have a tendency for the oil to foam (form bubbles) under heavy use. Foaming temporarily reduces the damping ability of the unit.

Typical Gas Filled Shock Absorber

To solve this, a secondary cylinder is connected to the shock absorber to act as a reservoir for the oil and pressurized gas (nitrogen). This nitrogen gas helps in absorbing the road undulations and provides a smooth ride for both the rider and the pillion.


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    Very interesting post. Pulsar 150 is the best bike in its segment and much better in comparison to its rivals. Am planning to buy it soon.

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    hahahaha....... pulsar...... hahaha.....lol....

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    really a pulsar? Did not find any other bike?

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