What is ExhausTEC?

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There is something written as “ExhausTEC” on the silencer heat shield of certain Bajaj bikes like the Pulsar, Discover and the XCD.

ExhausTECThis ExhausTEC is another innovation on Indian bikes from Bajaj Auto. As the name suggests, it means that it is something related to the “Exhaust” of the motorcycle. The “TEC” stands for “Torque Expansion Chamber”.

The Exhaust Pipe on these bikes have a “Torque Expansion Chamber” attached with it which can be located below the engine (as shown in the photo posted below).

What does this Torque Expansion Chamber do?

We should first have an idea of what “Torque” is and what it does to a motorcycle. Torque is the “twisting force” that rotates the wheels of a motorcycle.

It is torque which is responsible for moving/accelerating at slow speeds. More torque at slow speeds means that acceleration or pick up at slow speed will be good. (For more on “Torque” read this)

The Torque Expansion Chamber (TEC) improves the scavenging (exit process) of the exhaust gases and is also designed create a pressure difference inside the exhaust pipe. This pressure difference inside the exhaust pipe creates a vacuum which helps to pull in additional air-fuel mixture at low engine speeds and thus improves the engine torque at low revs without compromising the mid or high engine revs.

ExhausTEC on XCD 135 DTS-i

The benefit of the feature is that good pick up is available right down from slow engine speeds and therefore there is less need for changing gears in stop-go traffic conditions. No wonder Zigwheels has found the XCD 135 DTS-Si to have the best roll-on figures (time to reach a certain speed in a particular gear) in its segment.


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    can exhaust tec seliencer added to ordanary bajaj ct100

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