LED Tail Lights on the XCD 135 DTS-Si- Photo

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LED Tail Light on the XCD 135 DTS-Si

The Pulsar 150/180 UG III (3’rd upgrade), launched in 2006 was the first bike in India to feature LED tail lights. After that there have been a few bikes which have also included this feature on them, but all of them have been in the 150 cc or above category.

The XCD 125 DTS-Si was the first bike in the 125 cc category to feature LEDs for its tail light. The XCD 135 DTS-Si has now become the second bike (below 150 cc category) in the country to feature a gorgeous set of LEDs for its Tail Light, which is definitely one of the best looking Tail Light among current Indian bikes.

What is a LED Tail Light?

Light Emitting Diodes

LED basically stands for “Light Emitting Diodes”. These are tiny electronic components which have started replacing conventional incandescent bulbs in various lighting applications. Just look at the pilot light of your computer case, there will be a tiny but intense light glowing. The source of that light is an LED.

LED Pilot Lamp on a Computer Case

But then why use LEDs for Tail Lights in bikes?

Compared to incandescent Lights, LEDs emit very less heat, have a longer life, can withstand physical abuse and due to their small size can be easily packaged into different shapes. Also the response time taken by LEDs to get activated is very less. LEDs also consume very less power.

Audi A6 Tail LightDue to these reasons LEDs have started to become an attractive and alternative source of lighting in modern gadgets and appliances. Many hi-end car and bikes have started using LEDs for their tail lights.


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    as per the above led lights have longer life, but by bike led lost within 1 year even before free service it lost...

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