Digital Speedometer Display on the XCD 135 DTS-Si - Photo

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XCD 135 Digital Speedometer: Click for a larger picture

The XCD 135 pampers the rider with a contemporary looking digital dash. When many current bikes in India (almost twice the engine capacity of the XCD 135) still feature analog meters on its console, the XCD 135 gets a comprehensive Digital display.

The digital display includes an accurate speedometer, odometer (total km reading), 1 trip-meter, fuel gauge and a low battery warning icon.

There are also tell-tale lights like the hi-beam, neutral, turn indicator and a low fuel warning present. The left side of the display includes a tachometer which displays the engine speed (rpm - revolutions per minute) like on sporty bikes. The only thing found wanting on the XCD 135 speedo console is a digital clock. It would be nice to have one on it.

The Digital Display apart from providing a premium and sporty feeling also has a very accurate speedometer reading.

The digital speedometers of its big brother- the Pulsars, have already been hailed (by auto magazines) to be one of the most accurate in the country. This is because the digital speedometer is connected to a “contact less” cable to the front wheel. Instead of the conventional cable with moving gears, this contact less cable works on the electromagnetic waves generated in the coil windings. The XCD 135 also has a similar contact less cable attached to the speedometer console.


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