DC Lighting and Maintenance Free Battery

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Most of us who have ridden a motorcycle must have noticed that in most cases, illumination intensity of the headlights depend on the engine speed. If the engine speed is low the intensity of the headlights is also low and vice versa.

This is because majority of current motorcycles, the headlights get their power from an “alternator” (or AC current generator).

Bajaj ChetakIn the old days, models like the Bajaj Chetak scooter used to have no batteries, the lights and even the horns used to be connected to the alternator. Hence the intensity of the lights and sound from the horns used to depend on the engine speed of the scooter.

These days motorcycles have batteries in them and the horns and turn indicators are connected to the battery. The battery gets charged every time the motorcycle is started and on the move.

But even now in most motorcycles in India, the headlights are still connected to the alternators instead of the battery. Which means that the intensity of the lights on these models depend on the engine speed of the motorcycle much like the old Chetak scooters.

What is DC lighting?

DC stands for Direct Current. In DC lighting, the lights are connected to the battery which gets the benefit of a constant intensity beam of light from the headlamps regardless of whether engine is at idle or at full throttle. The battery gets charged every time the motorcycle is started. According to Bajaj Auto website, DC lighting also seems to improve the "ignition timing" of the spark plugs.

XCD 135 Headlight

Battery Protector

There are currently a few models in the Indian market which do have DC lighting. But the headlamps on these models work even when the engine isn’t on, which might result in unnecessary drain of the battery.

The XCD 135 DTS-Si has an intelligent DC lighting system. The battery is protected by the system which shuts off the headlights whenever the engine is not on. Thereby protecting from accidental drain of the battery.

Maintenance Free Battery

The XCD 135 DTS-Si also comes with a heavy duty battery which requires minimum maintenance (topping up of the battery electrolyte) and has a longer life.


  • khalid said:  

    A very good information provided.
    Thank for that.
    I think the only thing is missing is Battery is 5Ah

  • Shyam said:  

    Thank you very much for the info....
    I will be buying it soon...

  • Giri said:  

    very informative. If possible try to compare the bike with other 135 CC bikes from bajaj, Discover 135 and other manufacturers.

  • Anonymous said:  

    thank u so much really, am gonna buy it soon, i was longing for this feature as i saw this n fz16. Plz try to compare with gladiator nd flame sr125

  • Anonymous said:  

    Simply the best, comprehensive and lucid info I ever found on the latest bike technology, especially Bajaj. Kudos to the blogger! Please try and include more makers, different scales of rating to make it the best place about modern bike technology, and not only the XCD 135. Literally there is very less info about all this on net, and if there is, its either too deep or too frivolous. Please keep up the good work.

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