The Best way to find out the "PRICE" of the bike you are looking for!

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"What is the price of XYZ Bike?",
"XYZ bike price",
"XYZ bike on road price"

These are a few examples of the kind searches which some guys try to find on the internet.

The objective of course is the find out how much a particular motorcycle is priced at the nearest showroom available. Walking into the showroom and getting a quotation for the bike isn't a very taxing job, but then why bother when you could have an internet connection even closer at hand.

To help such guys, every month there will be an honest attempt to update this site with the price list (of a few select cities) of the variants of the XCD 135 DTS-Si bike.

Nevertheless here is an even simpler and 100% accurate way of getting the correct price of the model you are looking for.

In 4 Easy Steps!!

Step 1: Log on to the Official Site of the manufacturer (Eg: http://www.bajajauto.com)

Step 2: Find the link to "Locate the Dealers" of the manufacturer (trust me, there will definitely be one).

Step 3: Select the State/City of your choice (You should get a list of dealers from the city of your choice along with thehir address and contact numbers).

Step 4: Just select one of the contact numbers, call them and get the latest price of the bike you are looking for!!


  • Prabal Dave said:  

    Latest Price In Jaipur - 53500/- (On road) on 1 August 2009...

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